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Growth Groups FAQ

We know that as you consider signing up for a Growth Group there may be some questions you have so we’ve listed some of the top questions, along with answers, to help you get involved in a Growth Group.




1) How often will my Growth Group meet?

Don’t worry, Growth Groups aren’t designed to eat up your schedule. Your Group will meet once a week for 60 to 90 minutes for 12 weeks.

2) What will the people be like at my Group?

Look around at a Sunday service… A Growth Group is basically 10 or so people who get together once a week to discuss the topic you have chosen.

3) How can I be sure that there is a Growth Group for me?

  • Convenient locations close to your work or home matter, so one goal of CLW is to offer Groups all over the Connersville area. Once you sign up, the Group Leader will contact you with the specific address of the Group’s meeting place.
  • A variety of Groups allows you to choose your topic to study, along with those who share life experiences similar to yours.
  • CLW will eventually offer Artist’s Groups, Professional Groups, College Groups, Athletic Groups, Couples Groups, Meal Time Groups, Mom’s Groups, Fun Activity Groups, High School Groups, Community Service Groups, and General Groups for anyone!

4) What will my Growth Group study?

Growth Groups study a variety of books and topics that are intended to help you grow in your faith and in your understanding of the Bible. Each group selects the book that they would like to study during the trimester so find a topic that fits your interest.

5) Who will lead my Growth Group?

Your Growth Group leader is a regular person just like you that attends and serves at CLW! Many of our Group Leaders are long-time group members who love helping people like you get connected into a great group!

6) When do I sign up for a Growth Group?

  • January: for the Spring Trimester
  • May: for the Summer Trimester
  • August: for the Fall Trimester

7) How do I sign up for a Growth Group?

If you have any questions, email or call 765-825-2287.

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